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The Sentinel Force Headquarters is a Location in Babylon's Fall. The Sentinel Force Headquarters serves as the Main Hub in Babylon's Fall, offering a central location for players to embark on and return from Quests, make battle preparations, interact with NPCs and more. The Headquarters offers several Facilities which provide certain services to players. 


Sentinel Force Headquarters Overview

The Sentinel Force Headquarters is the first Location players will arrive in when beginning their adventure. As the central hub location, the Main Storyline and Quests will all begin and progress from the Headquarters.

The Headquarters is home to several NPCs from the Sentinel Force who will aid the player in a variety of ways such as providing Quest & Mission info as well as buying and selling items. The Headquarters also hosts a number of Facilities which offer various services for the player.



Sentinel Force Headquarters Facilities & Services

 The following Facilities and Services are available around the Headquarters:



The Canteen is trade facility where players can exchange the Conch that they've collected through Quests and other means for items. The Canteen is run by Pygmalion.

Quest Board


The Quest Board is where players can view and accept Quests. The Quest board is managed by Millimora, Logrina and Orgilus.



The Mission Facility is where players can take on special Objectives which they can complete alongside Quests for extra rewards. The Mission is run by Sophia.

Edit Character


The Edit Character Facility allows the player to change character settings such as their appearance. The Edit Character counter is managed by Gulra.

Storage Vault


The Storage Vault automatically stores uncollected items and rewards during Quests such as when the player's inventory is full.



The Inbox allows the player to collect bonuses from events and campaigns.

More Facilities coming soon.


Sentinel Force Headquarters NPCs

The following NPCs can be found at the Headquarters:


Sentinel Force Headquarters Notes & Trivia

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