The Gideon Coffin in Babylon's Fall is a magical device attached to the back of each player character and plays a key role in both gameplay and story elements. Housed inside the coffin are energy tendrils that can be used in a number of ways such as equipping additional weapons, traversing through environments, draining energy from enemies and more. This page covers all aspects of the Gideon Coffin and offers a guide on its various mechanics and possibilities.


Gideon Guts

The Gideon Guts are energy tendrils housed within the Gideon Coffin. Players can utilize these tendrils in a variety of ways such as grappling across the environment using special nodes, grabbing weapons away from enemies to perform finishing moves, draining energy from enemies or empowering allies.

Gideon Arms

The Gideon Arms is a system that allows players to equip more weapons in addition to those they have equipped in each hand. This allows for a large number of diverse weapon combinations and a highly customized approach to combat. For example, players can have a standard sword and shield equipped in their main weapon slots while having magical staves equipped in their Gideon Arms slots, effectively turning them into a sorcerer knight. There are plenty of combinations available and the system gives a large amount of freedom to players.

Babylon's Fall Gideon Coffin Mechanics


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