Quests in Babylon's Fall refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. Quests are divided into Main Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the campaign. Side Quests are optional objectives that the player can take on which can provide additional rewards or offer insight into the game world's history and lore. This page lists all Quests and each individual page provides guided information on how to to complete them.

  • Note that information listed below pertains to the Closed Beta Test and there will likely be changes to the way Quests play out in the full version of the game.


Babylon's Fall Questing Overview

Accepting Quests & Matchmaking

Quests can be accepted from the Quest Board at the Sentinel Force Headquarters base camp. Once you accept a Quest, you will be matched with up to 3 other players to undertake the Quest with. If 4 players are not matched within the matchmaking time limit, the existing party will begin the Quest.


Quest Mechanics

While each Quest has different objectives and goals, they all share certain common features and mechanics:




Once the Quest commences, a Compass will be displayed on your HUD which will point you towards your next objective. The Compass indicates the direction of your goal as well as your distance from it.



As you make your way through a Quest level, you may encounter obstacles that impede your progress such as impassable terrain. Players have access to the Gutwork mechanic which allows for various traversal options. If you are stuck in a level, see if you can use Gutwork on anything nearby.

Target Lines


When engaging enemies, lines will appear and connect the enemy to a player indicating they are about to attack. Players can use this indicator to prepare to dodge or block incoming attacks. If a target line extends towards an ally, players may assist them by attacking the enemy.



Players can recover a portion of their health by consuming a Potion (Press Up on the D-Pad). There is a limited number of Potions a player can have at any one time.




If a player's HP falls to 0, they will become incapacitated. Players will resurrect automatically after the respawn timer expires but there is a limited number of times a player can respawn in this way. Players can also be revived by an ally. If you see an ally fall in battle, you can press the B Button near them to revive them. If all players fall, the Quest will fail.

Treasure Chests


During a Quest, players may discover Chests which can contain supplies, materials or Equipment. Press B near a chest to open it.

Chapter Results


Quests are divided into several Chapters and your performance in each Chapter is scored. Your score is displayed at the end of each Chapter.



Upon completing a Quest, each player will be rewarded with Conch (the game's currency) and Equipment. Players may also be rewarded with Relics which need to be appraised before they can be used as Equipment. There are separate rewards for first completion and revisits of the quest.


All Quests in Babylon's Fall




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