Crafting in Babylon's Fall is a system that allows players to create new Weapons and Armor. Crafting is performed by expending resources such as money and materials. The items you can craft are also limited by your current Forge Level. This page will provide a detailed guide on Crafting in Babylon's Fall and all relevant information such as materials used and where to acquire them.

  • The Crafting interface also has sections for Upgrades and the Gideon Coffin, presumably to improve crafted Weapons and Armor as well as the capabilities of the Gideon Coffin. Details on these sections will be updated when information is released.


Crafting Materials

Materials are a type of item used as components in Crafting. Materials can be acquired in a variety of ways including defeating enemies, bosses, found in the environment or received as quest rewards.

See the Materials page for a full list of Crafting Materials and their uses.

Forge Level

The Forge Level is a special mechanic used in Crafting. You can spend materials to create items equal to your current Forge Level. Your Forge Level can be increased by completing certain dungeons.

See the Forge Level page for details on improving your Forge Level.

Babylon's Fall Crafting Guide


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