Battle Actions in Babylon's Fall refer to attacks and other abilities performed in combat. Battle Actions are tied to Weapon types and change depending on the slots they are equipped in. This page covers information on all Battle Actions available in Babylon's Fall.


Babylon's Fall Battle Actions Overview

Weapon Types and Equipment Slots

There are 5 Weapon Types in Babylon's Fall* each with their own unique properties and characteristics. Each Weapon type also has a unique set of Battle Actions which is further diversified by the Weapon Slot they are equipped in. These Weapon Slots correspond to a button on the Gamepad: the X Button for Speed Attacks, the Y Button for Heavy Attacks, and the Left and Right Bumpers (LB, RB) for Gideon Arms

*5 Weapon Types are available during the Closed Beta Test. More may be made available in the full version of the game.


Weapon Actions

A weapon will have a different set of actions depending on where you equip it. Utilize the unique characteristics of each weapon to build a set that matches your playstyle.


Speed Attack

Performed with the X Button, the Speed Attack offers fast, fluid offensive capabilities. Speed Attacks can be used to string together long combo chains and deal consistent, sustained damage with quick recovery times. As a trade-off, Speed Attacks deal the least damage out of all Battle Actions.

If a Shield is equipped in this slot, the player can block enemy attacks by holding X. Additionally, the player can perform a Parry by pressing X just as they are about to get hit. A Parry will deflect enemy attacks and minimize or completely neutralize an enemy's attacks and may put them in a vulnerable state.

Heavy Attack

The Heavy Attack is performed with the Y Button. These types of attacks offer more power in exchange for a slower speed. Heavy Attacks employ techniques such as wider swings and charged attacks. They also have a natural affinity for staggering or knocking enemies down.

Shields equipped to the Heavy Attack slot can block attacks but cannot be used to Parry enemy attacks.

Gideon Arms

The Gideon Arms are a special property of the Gideon Coffin that allows players to wield weapons with the energy tendrils emanating from the device. Gideon Arm Battle Actions are performed with the Left and Right Bumpers (LB, RB) on the Gamepad. Gideon Arm actions are powerful attacks that consume MP.

Shields equipped in the Gideon Arm slots can be used to protect allies in addition to the player.

Gideon Arm Actions can be performed regardless of your character's condition. For example, if your character is stunned or suffering from another movement or attack-impairing status effect, you can continue to use Gideon Arm actions as long as you have the MP to spare and they may even help you break out of the effect.


Attack Modes

Attack Modes add another layer of complexity to Battle Actions. Each Weapon has 3 Attack Modes that can be switched freely outside of combat. Each mode modifies a weapon's attack style and changes their set of Battle Actions.

Vulcan Mode

The game's fundamental Attack Mode, built around combo attacks.
Note that the shield can only be used in Vulcan Mode.

Mars Mode

Mars mode utilizes slower, more spaced-out but powerful attacks.

Diana Mode

Diana mode offers complex attacks built around varying combo paths, culminating in various strong finishing blows.


Babylon's Fall Battle Actions by Weapon Type


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      Some of this is wrong. Shields equipped in the Heavy slot can ONLY be used to parry; holding the button does nothing. Guts weapons are used with the triggers, not the bumpers.

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