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Babylon's Fall Wiki Guide: Everything About Babylon's Fall

The Babylon's Fall wiki covers everything about the upcoming action RPG by Platinum Games.




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About Babylon's Fall

Babylon's Fall is an upcoming Action RPG by Platinum Games, creators of high octane action games including Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Astral Chain. Announced during E3 2018, Babylon's Fall features a brand new universe in a dark fantasy setting merging the emphasis on fast-paced, stylish combat that Platinum Games is known for. The trailers showcase a powerful protagonist who can manifest phantom weaponry to attack his enemies, as well as energy tendrils from a device on his back that can snatch away enemy weapons to use against them. The game also features Boss battles with large enemies and evokes a similar experience to the Dark Souls and Devil May Cry series. Babylon's Fall is another collaboration between Platinum Games and publishing giant Square Enix, who had previously worked together on the critically acclaimed Nier: Automata.

Babylon's Fall Features

  • Fast, flashy combat featuring Platinum Games' Signature style
  • Powerful protagonist with ability to manifest phantom weaponry
  • Large Boss battles
  • Brand new universe in a Dark Fantasy setting
  • More features to be announced during the Square Enix Presents showcase on June 13, 2021

Babylon's Fall Release Info

Release Date TBA
Platforms Playstation 4, PC
Developers Platinum Games
Publisher Square Enix



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