Controls for Babylon's Fall covers information on input methods supported by the game and used to control the player character as well as navigate menus and user interfaces. This page provides info on control methods available for both Console and PC.


Babylon's Fall Controls Guide

Gamepad Controls

Below is a guide on Gamepad controls for Babylon's Fall.

The Steam (PC) version of Babylon's Fall can be played using Xinput-compatible gamepads.

*The Closed Beta Test for Babylon's Fall will not support Keyboard input.

The image below represents the general layout for Gamepad controls on Steam. Controller Layout for the Console version of Babylon's Fall will be updated when info is released.


Input Menu Controls Combat Controls
Directional Pad Move Cursor -
Directional Pad Left - Change Target (Fwd)
Directional Pad Right - Change Target (Back)
Directional Pad Up - Use Potion
A Select Jump
B Cancel Gutwork / Inspect
X Restore to Default Settings / Add to Favorites Speed Attack
Y - Heavy Attack
Left Stick Move Cursor Move
Right Stick Rotate Character Change Point of View
LB (Left Bumper) Switch to the Left Tab Gideon Arm (L)
RB (Right Bumper) Switch to the Right Tab Gideon Arm (R)
LT (Left Trigger) Switch to Item Details on the Left Target
RT (Right Trigger) Switch to Item Details on the Right Evade
Left Stick (Press) Show Filter Options Dash
Right Stick (Press) Sort Lock-on
Back - Communication Menu
Start Main Menu Main Menu



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