Armor in Babylon's Fall is a type of equipment worn by the player character to improve defensive properties. Armor is divided into several categories by type and each armor piece has a varying set of stats and parameters such as Vitality, Sturdiness, Mobility and may contain special properties or provide certain effects and bonuses. Each Armor piece is equipped in a different slot depending on their type and has cumulative benefits per piece worn. Additionally, Armor changes the appearance of the player character. This page lists all available armor in Babylon's Fall and details various information including how to acquire each armor piece.


Babylon's Fall Armor Overview

Armor Categories

There are 4 types of Armor and each type is equipped in their respective slots: Head, Chest, Arms and Legs. 

Armor Stats

Each piece of Armor comes with Base Parameters which are a type of Stat that modify a player's capabilities. Generally, the higher the value per parameter, the better it performs in combat. Armor pieces contain the following Parameters:

  • Vitality - Affects the player's HP total.
  • Sturdiness - Affects the player's damage reaction.
  • Mobility - Affects the player's MP recovery speed.
  • Spirituality (Armor)  - Affects the player's MP total.


Other Armor Stats


Armor will come in three Rarity levels:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare

The rarer the item, the higher the stats and parameters.

Equipment VAL

VAL is a numeric value assigned to each piece of equipment to summarize how effective it is. If there are multiples of the same equipment, the one with higher VAL will be more effective. The player's values for VAL and Defense VAL indicate a general measure of their equipment's average VAL.

The VAL system is similar to Gear Score which is common in other MMORPG titles.


Certain Equipment can be tied to one of the three Elements:

Possessing an Element grants special properties to Weapons and Armor such as adding elemental damage to attacks or improving defense against a certain element.

Special Abilities

Some equipment have special abilities. A piece of equipment’s special ability can be viewed under “Special Ability” in the status screen.
To view the special abilities of all of the equipment you currently have equipped, press the Right Stick button while in the Equipment menu.




All Armor in Babylon's Fall


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