Weapons in Babylon's Fall are a type of equipment used to deal damage to enemies in combat. Weapons are divided into several categories by type and each weapon has a varying set of stats and parameters such as Attack, Damage Type, Critical Hit Rate and may contain special properties or provide certain effects. Each character can equip up to four weapons at once. This page lists all available weapons in Babylon's Fall and details various information including how to acquire each weapon.


Babylon's Fall Weapons Overview

Weapon Types

There are 5 Weapon types in Babylon's Fall* each with their own unique properties and attacks:

  • Gladius - The Gladius is a longsword with balanced damage and handling that is also easy to perform combo attacks with.
  • Hammer - A heavy weapon with high damage that excels in knocking enemies back and has great stunning capabilities.
  • Shortbow - The shortbow is a ranged weapon that makes up for its low-damage output with superior range and ability to attack from different heights. It can also inflict status effects much easier than other weapons.
  • Rod - The rod is a magical catalyst that uses powerful destructive magic at the cost of using MP with every attack.
  • Shield - While the shield lacks any offensive capabilities, it boasts superior defense and allows players to block and parry attacks from enemies.

*5 weapon types are available in the Closed Beta Test. More may be made available in the full version of the game.

Equipping Weapons

Players will have access to 4 Weapon Slots represented by the X, Y, LB and RB buttons on the Gamepad. Each button also corresponds to a different action for the equipped weapon: Speed Attack (X Button), Heavy Attack (Y Button) and Gideon Arms (LB Button, RB Button). 

For details on attack types, see Battle Actions.

Attack Modes

Each Weapon has 3 Attack Modes that can be freely switched outside of combat. Each mode offers a variety of attacks and unique effects and experimenting with different modes plays a large part in Combat effectiveness.

Vulcan Mode

The game's fundamental Attack Mode, built around combo attacks.
Note that the shield can only be used in Vulcan Mode.

Mars Mode

Mars mode utilizes slower, more spaced-out but powerful attacks.

Diana Mode

Diana mode offers complex attacks built around varying combo paths, culminating in various strong finishing blows.


Added Effects

Equipment with high rarity may come with Added Effects which are either passive bonuses, temporary or conditional buffs such as improving critical hit rate after landing a finishing blow. You can gain an edge in battle by combining the various added effects from your weapons and armor.


There is a wide variety of Weapons available in Babylon's Fall. Weapons can be obtained through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses or as rewards for completing Quests.


Babylon's Fall Weapon Categories





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