Character Creation in Babylon's Fall is a feature that allows you to customize your character's base look and aesthetics, as well as starting parameters and attributes like classes. Note that this is a presumed feature that has not been confirmed, but given the nature of Babylon's Fall as a multiplayer online Action RPG, it is likely to incorporate some form of character creation. This page will be updated with and feature information on Character Creation as more information is revealed.

  • Note that information listed below pertains to the Closed Beta Test and there will likely be changes or additional options for Character Creation  in the full version of the game.

Babylon's Fall Character Creation Guide

Character Creation is one of the first things players will do when they begin their adventure in Babylon's Fall. As of the Closed Beta Test, there is a limited set of options available for Character Creation. Players can choose a variety of pre-set Face and Hairstyle options for their character but there will likely be options added for things such as Body Type, Voice, Facial/Body Markings as well as deep customization sliders for individual features. These features may be added during development updates or once the full version of the game is released and we will update this page accordingly.

Note that you can change your Character's appearance at any time by speaking to Gulra at the Edit Character counter in the Sentinel Force Headquarters.



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